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Small double room 10 Sq mt
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History of Claudio Cherubini

I was born in 1958.
I studied to Istituto Alberghiero A. Saffi (as a secretary) what a mistake that was! I only figured it out later... I love cooking and I have to admit that I'm pretty good at it. Married without children.

Particular signs: I speak "pigeon" English.

Things I like: photography, cooking, traveling, the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, Marlon Brando, B. Bertolucci, Blade Runner, The Gladiator, Apocalipse Now, The Godfather, all the movies from Sergio Leone, Pink Floyd, The Clash, my job, confronting ideas with others, intelligence... life.

I tried many different things until the military service, working in a hotel, in a coffee bar and for a little while with my father, who used to have a small business in the area surrounding Prato. He worked with "cenci" (which means rugs in Florentine dialect) in the textile sector. I have always been a free spirit and honestly I have never thought about working for a firm or company. Right after I finished the military service I started to ask myself: "what am I going to do now?" That's a good question, I didn't like my job at the hotel, I felt they were taking advantage of me, I spent a lot of time doing a little bit of everything without getting paid for it. I didn't get along well with my father, we had the same personalities, we would fight, so I decided that I would become a salesman.
Although nowadays that job is considered less desirable, in the 80's that wasn't the case. At the time about 60% of the lower-class (at least in Tuscany) would purchase items at the local weekly market on the street. Now that's a lot of people. So I decided to get a tax ID number and become a businessman. I got my vendor license, I met my mentor Antonio, along with my friend Cecco. They introduced me to the business and taught me a lot about the field (of course the credit in that regard goes to my father as well). I began to stock clothing, the enemy of outlets, dealing with high quality women's clothing. The idea was to sell clothes worth 200.000 Lire (about a hundred dollars) for 50.000 lire. At first it was a really difficult task, like everything at the beginning. I had to create a costumer base, get them know me and try to propose a concept that was new to the market while selling at a price that was high for the lower class. I eventually succeeded and I must say that those 17 years were fantastic. Working in sales teaches you a lot (like everything else for that matter) especially for what regards direct competition (more direct than that would be impossible). You are face to face with your friend and competition and you have to develop the qualities of a great competitor. It was a valuable learning experience. After 17 years I felt drained. I usually give my all and I need to feel passionate about everything I do.
This allows me to put 110% into everything I do which can be a pain, but comes with great satisfaction. I decided to give up sales and by doing so I came up with the idea to enter into hospitality. The decision to attend the hospitality institute was not a random idea at the time. I wanted to create my own business, but it wasn't the right moment and life took me elsewhere. First in the financial field, then advertising always working freelance.
About two and a half years ago I was free from all work commitments and my desire was to finally open a B&B.
I did my research and friends in the hotel business gave me valuable advice which led us to find our first fabulous location (I speak in plural because at the time I was working with my friend and partner, who later had to limit his involvement). Yes! We did it and it felt great! When we saw the location for the first time we knew it was fate. It was an apartment centrally located in piazza della Repubblica with windows overlooking Giotto's bell tower and Brunelleschi's Dome, in the heart of Florence, Italy. It was the perfect location between the Duomo and piazza della Signoria, in the center of the shopping district. At the same time we found a much larger apartment with windows that overlooked piazza Duomo; the monumental complex was a real gem. Then came all the hard work leading up to the grand opening.
After two and a half years we opened the first B&B. It was the first! The decision to finallyopen on March 8th, woman's day, was an emotional experience as well as the future being unknown. We put our best effort forward and made each room unique and colorful, like a "bomboniera" (an Italian wedding favor) as my first guest Giuseppe wrote on the Internet. The adventure began... what brought me to open a B&B was the desire to face the world, which is strange for someone who speaks such little English. What I mean is that in Florence we are lucky to be in a city with such beauty that people from all over the world come to admire the visions of Lorenzo the Magnificent. We have the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. How amazing! The most important people in my life, my mother and my wife, have joined me in this adventure, like everything else in my life.

What I would like to offer you is the opportunity to love and experience the atmosphere of "My" Florence, Tuscany and great restaurants. I don't know if it is always possible, but I am certain that I will always give 110 percent to make your stay here unforgettable.

With love Claudio.